My girl Leighton and I!

Hmmm….a little about me.  Well, my name is Chelsey Croft and I just completed my third year of the Bachelor of Education BEAD program at the University of Regina.  My first degree was a Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in Geology.  A profession i worked at for over five years!

Although my background is in science, I was able to teach all subjects this past year during my pre-intership at Argyle Elementary School in a grade 5/6 class.  I loved the opporutnity my co-op gave me to teach cross-curricular, and I look forward to this approach of teaching this fall during my intership at the Carnduff Education Complex.

In addition to teaching students, I also love coaching them, whether it is school or community sports.  I feel this is a great way for me to really connect with my students and help them develop confidence in all aspects of life.

Although my teaching experience is limited ot my pre-intership, I already find myself greatly interested in teaching Physical Education, Math, and Health in the future.  I look forward to incorporating inquiry based learning based learning into these subjects, and any other ones I get the priviledge to teach.  I believe that if students get the opportunity to really explore a concept or lesson on their own terms, great things will happen.

Outside of school work and teaching, I have two amazing young kids I love spending time with.  I love teaching them new things every single day and take pride in how much they learn and grow each day.  I also love playing sports.  Hockey, golf, and fastball are definitely my favorite past times!