Today I had the privilege to hear Laura Budd speak. To say this woman has been on a scary and yet brave journey would be an understatment.  She spent more than the first half of her life living a ‘lie’ to fit a mold.  SHE was living as a biological male, a role she knew she was never meant to ‘play’.  She has since taken the long, hard, sad, tiring, and brave steps to becoming who she was truly meant to be.  However, this suggests that her ‘journey’ is over, when I think she was trying to say that it is just beginning.

Even after going through her own long time struggles with her identitiy and working up the courage to not only being true to those around her – loved ones, colleagues, friends -but to also be true to herself, she still has the courage and passion to want to make people aware of her story and shine a positive light on sexual identity.  Whether this means talking with classes of students, or parents or just being an ear to listen, she wants to make every person feel comfortable in their own identitity, their true identity.

Although it may not have been her main point, I do not know either way as I simply did not ask her, but I think she simply wantedto get across that everyone should and has the right to be true to themselves and respect who they are as individuals.  She made a great point in saying that, “in a world with 7.5 billion people on it, there is no ‘nomral.  What is my nromal may not be your normal.”  Strong words from a strong woman.  I love this concept and I think if everyone truly lived this way everyone would become happier, if if just a little bit.