Well, I guess this is where I introduce myself…Hi, I’m Chelsey Croft.  I am currently going into my fourth year internship (yikes!) in the fall.  I say fourth year, but really it is my second in Education as I am a BEAD student, which is just a super cool way of saying I have another degree.  I am a professional geologist, and up until this past September I worked as a petroleum wellsite geologist for five years.  This also means I am realtively old! Okay, so 31 may not be ‘old’, but it definitely is not young, especially considering many of my classmates this past year were 21!  Kids these days I tell you…one of my classmates had never even heard of Tupac.  I mean seriously!

Leighton & Desmond

Okay, a little off topic there.  More about me.  Well, I have two beautiful kids, Leighton (3) and Desmond (1 month) as well as two weird Boaton terriers, Ziggy and Xena.  I would not call myslef a typical nerd, but more like a weirdo who likes ‘sciencey’ stuff.  I am also a self-diagnosed choco-holic and am a Netflix binger when I get the chance, which is not very often these days!  So I guess that is me in a nutshell. I wish had something cooler to say about myself, but sadly I don’t.  I am a ‘boring mom’ and loving every minute of it.  I cannot wait to be a ‘boring teacher mom’!

As far as blogging goes, I quite enjoy it, but only when I can be a bit sarcastic and funny (I am super funny, just ask me).  When serious topics arise I, again, try to be sarcastic and funny about them, which probbaly is not the best way to approach them, but you guys will find that out soon enough.

Educational technology…what’s that?! Sadly, I have had very little experience with using technology in the classroom.  The class I did my pre-internship had a computer and prjection screen if that counts!  And the students created a google presentation.  Those 5/6ers knew more about google docs/slides than I did.  So, in other words, I need work and practice with technology in the classroom!

Oh, as for the title of the blog post, C2Beat, that is my twitter handle.  The C2 obviously comes from my initials, and the ‘Beat’ part comes from my favorite band, which is the Beatles.  If you are too young to know who they are I suggest you either look them up now, or just hide out in your room for the rest of your life because you are seriously missing out!