I was super skeptical about the title of this blog post, but then I remembered that I am relatively old, and most of you will not ‘get it’ anyway.  Perhaps that could be a challenge for you young bucks in #ecmp355.  So, as the title states, I will be trying to bake a successful apple pie this week.  I have never made a pie in my life.  This is probably because most pies contain a lot of fruit, and I am very much against fruit in desserts, but here I am, stepping out of my comfort zone and making a “healthy” dessert!

The recipe I will be using was found on Pinterest and it claims to be “the best we’ve come across”.  I feel with a quote like that ‘they’ are just setting themselves up for failure!  But that is not important.  What is important is my ‘pre-baking’ prep, as I like to call it.  A day or two before I begin baking I always read over the recipe to ensure I have all the ingredients and tools to bake my dessert.  With this apple pie, it turns out you make the crust in a food processor, not a mixer.  The only food processor I have access to is my mother’s.  She told me she got it as a wedding gift in 1984!  This means I will essentially be playing Russian roulette with this old machine, hoping it does not give out before the crust is made.

Now normally, as in always, I only use traditional “written” recipes, where it states the ingredients and then the directions.  Simple and easy, at least for me.  This is made a bit more tricky using my iPad and recipes found online, mainly because baking is very messy and I like my iPad to be clean.  For this dessert I am going to try and up my technological baking game by using a YouTube video as well.  My plan is to find a good video that can teach me how to make a more complex upper crust then the typical ‘flat’ looking one with a few holes poked in it.  Right now I am thinking of doing the ‘basket weave’ design.  If I am feeling super ambitious I may even throw in a pretty leaf or two!

Final thoughts about apple pie:  since it is primarily fruit I think I will make it my goal to have it ready to eat as breakfast on Saturday morning (clearly I am super into nutrition)!