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Lava Cake Blow Up! — June 5, 2017

Lava Cake Blow Up!

This week’s baking challenge was a tricky one to say the least.  After searching Pinterest for what seemed like forever, I was finally able to find a delicious looking, chocately masterpiece.  Otherwise known as Lava Brownies.  It sounds dangerous because it is!  The dangerous part is somehow baking them long enough to ensure the outside is fully cooked with a nice crunchy edge, all the while the inside is still a liquid river of gooey chocolately goodness.  Definitely not for the faint of heart, and probably not the best choice for me, a sub skilled baker.

I also tried ‘upping’ technology game by creating a time lapse video.  This presented me with a whole new set of challenges I did not anticipate.

The above time lapse video shows me making the ‘lava’ part of the dessert, which had to be prepared ahead of time as it had to be frozen and then formed into chocolate balls (I bet you smiled reading that).  When reading up on how to create a good time lapse video it often came up that one should use a tripod or at least have the camera situation somewhere where it would not move.  However, with this task I felt I needed an overhead shot in order to fully show what I was doing.  In order to achieve this I had to recruit a helper, which resulted int he video to be shakey.  Overall, although time lapse videos look super cool, I do not think they are great for baking, unless you have a very tall tripod.  Lesson learned.  TO make me feel even more inadequate about using ‘new’ technology, I spent a good half hour looking for a good time lapse app 9I went with an Instagram one), only to realize the iPhone camera has one built in!  So note too self:  always check your current technology first!

Now back to the lava cake.  The recipe called for a bake time of 25 minutes. Errrrr WRONG!  After 25 minutes I took out my dishes, and well, this happened:

This whole thing kind of just flopped out of the baking dish.  CLwarly not even close to being fully baked. Does not look very appetizing.  It is a good thing I made six!  Long story short, it took over double that time before I thought they were ready.  I was so scared to cut open my cake, but that is the only way I could be sure if it was ready.  You can tell by the ‘normal’ video below that my second attempt tunred out much better.  However, I must admit, in the video I state that it is perfect, but it was not.  In my opinion, it was overbaked slightly as the middle chocolate lava seemed to be very slightly ‘scorched’. This just means it was a bit thicker, and more gooey than it should have been.  Luckily it still tasted amazing, espeically with a scoop of ice cream!

Next week I will be doing something a little bit different.  Instead of bakinga ‘tricky’ dessert, I will attempt to find some online sources and\or apps that can help with aspects of baking.  I am still not sure exactly what this means, but I am hoping to provide some baking tips for common mistakes to help out beginner bakers like myself.  In hindsight, I probably should have started with there! Hahaha. Until next week….