I know the term more commonly used is ‘cybersleuth‘, but let’s be honest, creeper is a much more fitting word.  I say that because that is exactly what I felt like when I was given the task, with permission, to creep Tanya Weller.

Creeping on Tanya and creeping in our last ECMP 355 class was an eye opening experience to say the least.  I never realized just HOW easy it was to look up information about people, anyone, on the interent.  This information can vary from the seemingly harmless, like birthdays, to the very creepy and “private” like home addresses.  The whole thing was unsettling because if I can look up that type of information, then someone can most definitely look up information on me, and even more scarey my kids!

When it comes to this experience I think I am very torn with how I feel about it.  I feel my thoughts hold a big double standard.  For example, as a future I do not feel I should be possibly punished for posting pictures of me with a drink in my hand, but if I was posting racist jokes i think I should be punished.

I guess when it comes to the internet police there will always be ahuge gray area regarding what is acceptable and what is not, and those guidelines will change from person to person.  I think the bottomline is, that as individuals we just need to be smart about what we post.

For some reason the whole idea of creeping people on the internet had this song playing in my head: