Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat.  These are some of the social media platforms that students share their livs with.  I am sure there are many more social media sites I have never even heard of or know anything about.  We are in the age of te(a)chnology, so it is important that we incorporate these online tools and apps into all aspects of our school days.

I will start with the ‘basics‘ – a what’s what for online usage ranging from digital access to digital overall wellness.  In addition to these basics, there are many online resources, training material, and supplemental information that help teachers (espeically non-tech savy ones like me) begin to teach about this stuff and integrate into their classrooms.

I think once myself and my students are on the same ‘page’ regarding what everything means, the easier it will be to go over the cause and effects of their digital actions.  Like what is wrong to do online, from copyright issues to online bullying.  A ‘classroom’ contract might be a great start to this type of thing.

From here, and this is where it gets really hard, I believe that this digital attitude or lifestyle, should be a part of every day teaching.  That it should be integrated into daily lessons across all subject areas. Right now it seems that it is taught as a stand alone subject area that does not really contribute to other subjects, other than to act as a medium for research.  I am guilty for thinking this way, but have since changed my tune.  I think the most difficult part of this tansition would be where to start.

Luckily, there are many online resourses to get the average, not so techy, teacher started:

Edutopia – This article tells which online resources are the best for single or multi computer classrooms, and what they can be used for.

TeachHub – This article describes specific ways in which you can use technology in the classroom.

50Ways – This article give 50 specific websites that students can use in all subject areas.

Education World – Gives specific ideas and links with how to integrate technology into everyday classroom tasks.

It looks as though te(a)chnoloy will be here to stay, so I am going to try and embrace it as much as I can!