Before we get to the “main event” so to speak, I must first start with where my journey began in the #EdTech world.  Well, in a word, clueless!  I could us basic computer programs like Microsoft word and excel, and typical internet sites like Facebook and, actually, that was pretty much it.

In other words, this class scared the “blah blah blah” out of me!  But the world is changing, and I feel like as I teacher I must adapt to it, or be left behind to be known as a dinosaur!

Although my ‘Learning of Summary’ video appears to be poor quality and perhaps simple, for me it was anything but!  First off, I used a completely new program, called ‘Little Bird Tales‘ to tell the first part of my story.  This story telling program was so much fun! I loved that you could add in your own pictures or “draw” and create new ones.  As you can tell frommy ‘tale’, you can actually do both! Maybe it is just because I am a big kid at heart, but I found this so much fun, and I think students of any age would enjoy it!  Bonus, it is super easy to use!

For the second part of my video I used PowerPoint.  I know may this sound simple and boring, but honestly, other than putting texts and pictures onto a presentation, I have never utilized anything else in PowerPoint.  I found out there is a lot you can do.  First, I had fun just with the ‘transtions’!  I then found out that I could control how long each slide displayed for, plus I discovered how to make it so you didn’t need to click ‘next’ in order to switch the slides.  See I am horrible with this technology stuff!  My big accomplishment though was regarding a “song” and having it play in the background of the whole presentation.  This was the tricky part because I wanted to the slides to closely line up with the song lyrics.  This took a lot of adjusting, but I think it turned out okay! I wish I had ‘played’ around with this tool ages ago, because there is so much you can do with, and I know I have only scratched the surface.

The hardest part for me was merging my two videos together.  I do not kno why this was such a struggle.  Probably because I insist on downloading new software to do this, only to find that it does not work properly unless you purchase it!  In the end I ended up using good ol’ YouTube Editor, which I should have used from the start!  Luckily I even found a good YouTube video to show me how to use YouTube Editor…oh the possibilities with technology really are endless!

Before I show you my video, I must pre-warn everyone that I have no musical skills at all, and yet I found it necessary to include. Listen/watch at your own risk!

To sing along with my sweet lyrics click Rap!  Note:  I had to freestlye a little bit!

Now that ECMP355 has come to a close I am so happy with what I can take away from it in terms of integrating technology into my teaching practises.  I think everything I (we) learned this class has a direct practical use in the classroom.  Off the top of my head, I can almost guarantee I will be using some of the assessment tools like Mentimeter or Kahoot.  I also hope to have a classroom Twitter page and perhaps even a classroom blog.

I still know I have a long ways to go in terms of figuring out this thing called ‘Technology’, but I know I am a lot further ahead than I was six weeks ago!  Here to continuous learning and putting ones stubborness aside!

Tools I used to create this video include:  ScreenCastify, powerpoint, YouTube, YouTube Editor, Windows Media Player, and Little Bird Tales.