Before I start to talk about my baking adventure this week, I must first tell you a story about my first vegan experience.  I was in Muai at a local farmers market when I saw a huge double chocolate chip cookie!  For someone who loves desserts and everything sweet, this was an amazing find!  I immediately bought the cookie, and was even able to resist from eating it until I got back into the car.  When I finally took the first bite I went from pure joy to utter disappointment.  The cookie crumbled in my hand.  The taste was even worse – dry, not sweet, and the “chocolate” didn’t quite taste right.  I grabbed the wrapper from the car floor (don’t judge me!) and then read one of the scariest things I have ever associated with a desset:  VEGAN.  It was a vegan cookie.  Vegan!  Why would someone do that?! Why didn’t they have a huge sign in neon printing stating it was vegan!?  I felt betrayed, and mostly I still felt hungry for chocolate!

Ever since that experience I have never ate another vegan dessert in my life.  With my learning project focusing on desserts I have alwasy been too scared to attempt, I figured it was finally time for me to face my fears.  So, I began searching vagan dessert recipes, and it was hard! There were literally 100’s of recipes at my finger tips, yet my small town and the ingredients I could find here made it very difficult to follow any recipe.  Did you know there is something called ‘egg flax‘?  Never heard of it, and frankly, it sounded quite gross when I read how to make it.  I decided right then that I would steer clear of any recipes that called for any egg replacements.  I am a vegan baker beginner afterall.  However, if you are brave enough to try some vegan baking, here is a great article/blog which includes egg substitutes for different types of desserts.

After searching for what seemed like forever, I finally came across a brownie recipe that seemed quite easy in terms of both the ingredients and the ‘vegan’ know-how needed.  This recipe was found on a blog that is geared toward whole food, healthy eating (not just vegan!).  I skimmed through a bunch of the recipes and I will definitely be trying some more, especially when gradnma’sgarden zuccini makes an appearance!

Okay, now lets get back to those brownies!  They were super easy to make.  In fact, the hardest part was restraining myself from turning the avocado in guacamole!  I did, however have to make a few ingredient substitutions, whcih I go over in the below video.  Other than those minor changes, they were super easy to make and, to my surprise, the batter even tasted great!  I was super excited to try the finished baked product!

Final Product

The final verdit: womp, womp, womp!  Although this was not the worst dessert I have ever ate, it was nowhere near the best.  I like desserts to be sweet, and this just did not have that.  They came across as tasteless to be me, and I think it that was going to be my dessert, I would just not eat dessert!  But, because I am clearly biased about vegan desserts, I had my sister, the vegetarian (trying to be vegan) sister give them a try.  She thought they were so good!  I was immediately sad for her becuase this is what she considered to be a yummy dessert?  So, apparently this is a good VEGAN dessert.  Without the ‘vegan’ in front of it though, it is not a good dessert! Hahaha.

Now please enjoy this video, which I think is great vegetarian/vegan humor!